Shareholder Benefits Program

By providing opportunities for our shareholders and their grandchildren to use our products, we aim to become a fans over the medium to long term.

  1. Target Shareholders

    A shareholder whose register of shareholders as of the end of February of each year indicates that the Company holds at least 1 unit (100 shares) of the Company's shares.

  2. Details of Priority

    We will give shareholder ¥1 thousand coupon for shareholder shopping special gift available at our stores and e-commerce sites.

    ・Holding 100 to less than 300 shares : 2sheets
    ・Holding 300 to less than 1000 shares : 4 sheets
    ・Holding 1000 shares or more:8 sheets

  3. Usage of Shareholder Benefit Tickets and Notes

    ・This coupon can be used at NARUMIYA INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD.'s directly managed stores and NARUMIYA ONLINE. This coupon is not available in some stores.

    ・This coupon cannot be used at department store events, family sales, or outlet stores.

    ・Please confirm the other precautions listed on the back of the shareholder benefit coupon when using the service.

  4. Expiration date, etc.

    The coupons will be sent after the annual shareholders’ meeting
    The valid period of the tickets will be 1 year from June 1 of each year to May 31 of the following year.

Dividend Policy

We recognize the return of profits to shareholders as one of our most important management issues, and our basic policy is to maintain stable dividends while securing the internal reserves necessary for future business development and the state of equity capital. In order to flexibly return profits to shareholders, the Company's Articles of Incorporation stipulate that it is possible to pay an interim dividend with August 31 of each year as the record date by resolution of the Board of Directors. However, the amount of second half's net sales and profits tend to be higher than that of first half throughout the fiscal year. For the time being, the Company will only pay an year-end dividend by resolution of the General Meeting of Shareholders in order to provide a fair dividend.

Retained earnings will be appropriated to fund aggressive investment in order to implement various measures aimed at strengthening the management foundation.

Dividends from retained earnings for the current fiscal year are as follows.

Date of resolution Total dividends
(Millions of yen)
Dividend per share
May 25, 2022
(Decision adopted at the annual meeting of stockholders)
313 31