Business established in Hiroshima as a private kimono fabric dealer.

Private business turned into an incorporated business.

Sales office opened in Tokyo.
Planning/sales of women’s clothing focusing on sweaters and knitted wear launched.

Successful sales of“Nobara”(brand offering innovative ideas for sweaters with its colorful designs) and“Barbara Age”(knitted suit brand).

Rapid growth of“Brevis”and“Pericole”(one of the first cut-and-sewn brands in Japan ).

Osaka branch opened to conduct community-based business.

Fukuoka branch opened.

Headquarters established in Aoyama, Tokyo due to business expansion. Company name changed to Narumiya Co., Ltd.

Debut of “K-Factory”(overseas brand) in New York.

Business expansion into children’s clothing with “Mini K” (baby/toddler brand); sensation created in the industry.

mezzo piano”(baby/toddler brand) launched.

“Angel Blue” (early teens’ brand ) launched.

Kimono Department and Apparel Department separated into independent companies; Apparel Department launched as NARUMIYA INTERNATIONAL Co., Ltd.

NI Corporation Co., Ltd. founded.“Jus qu’a”(ladies’brand) launched.

Company name changed to NARUMIYA INTERNATIONAL Co., Ltd.

“pom ponette”(toddlers’brand) launched.

“pom ponette junior”(early teens’ brand) launched.

“DAISY LOVERS”(early teens’brand) launched.

“BLUE CROSS”(toddlers/early teens’brand) launched.

mezzo piano junior”(early teens’brand) launched.

Cross-industrial tie-ups officially started to aim for a better tomorrow for the children.

“BLUE CROSS girls” (early teens’ brand) launched.
“DAISY LOVERS PARADISE KIDS” (toddlers’ brand) launched.

“Junior City” opened in Lotte Department Store (Korea).

“Angel blue kids” (toddlers’ brand) launched.

“Rainbow City” (combination of five early teenage girls’ brand) opened in Causeway Bay (Hong Kong).

Listed on JASDAQ.

20th anniversary of children’s clothing sales; “Dream Project” started as a commemorative business.

Fifth shopping mall store opened in Korea; fourth store opened in Hong Kong.

“mezzo piano” store opened in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


“mezzo piano” store opened in Taipei, Taiwan. Agreement with Paul Frank concluded.

“ANNA SUI mini” comes from “ANNA SUI” ; a constant talking point in the New York Collection has made its debut.


“mezzo piano” store opened in Shanghai, China.

Star Cube Co., Ltd. was established.


NARUMIYA INTERNATIONAL SHANGHAI CO., LTD. is established in Shanghai, China.


“Lindsay” (early teens’ brand) launched.

“klädskåp”(toddlers’brand) launched.
Delisted on JASDAQ.

klädskåp” and “anna sui mini” stores opened in Jiyugaoka.

petit main” and “b-Room” (toddlers’ brand) launched.

“franche lippee la petite” (toddlers’ brand) launched.

“kate spade NEW YORK” children collection store opened in Nagoya.

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